SP&SG Zoom Astronomical Telescope Bird ing Monocular Outdoor RIHSQVAQD

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Material: special engineering material for telescope, all metal structure, outsourcing genuine rubber, comfortable to feelMagnification: 25-75 zoom adjustableWith tripod and carry bagSuitable for outdoor camping, ascending to the distance, bird watching

Structure: monocular
Function type: zoom
Uses: astronomical telescope
Exit distance: 11 (mm)
Outlet diameter: 11 (mm)
Specifications: Upgrade version 25-75*60
Objective lens: 60mm
Eyepiece: 18mm
1. Excellent light transmittance, is an all-weather telescope suitable for night use
2. The eyepiece can be rotated freely
3. Material: special engineering materials for telescopes, all metal structure, outsourcing genuine rubber, comfortable to feel
4. Mirror length: about 615mm
5. The eyepiece is coated with a physical vacuum coating and is coated with 16 layers of broadband anti-reflection blue film to make the scene clearer and brighter.
6. The objective lens adopts the inner layer diameter of 60mm and the plated refraction and anti-reflection blue film, which has superior light transmittance, clear and comfortable visual field and large field of view.
7. Unique built-in optical wide-angle design makes the field of view larger and the field of view wider, even in the case of low visibility;
8. The outer cover is non-slip rubber, which feels comfortable, and the multi-layer anti-blue film makes the definition extremely high.
9. ED45 degree eyepiece cover design, so that the glasses can be directly observed, zooming is very comfortable
10. Packing: equipped with carrying bag, English manual, special tripod for telescope, tripod 58CM--135CM can be freely retractable, cost-effective
11. Especially suitable for outdoor camping, climbing to the distance, bird watching

SP&SG Zoom Astronomical Telescope Bird Watching Monocular Outdoor RIHSQVAQD

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