Rubiks Games Classic Series Box QLHVDSYXJ

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4 new games.Includes step-by-step instructions for solving your real-world cube.5 cube variations.Post high scores on the dedicated Rubik's Games Web site.Solve all levels of the game to become a Rubik's Super Master

Professor Erno Rubik is back with four easy-to-play games in addition to his famous cube. Games are Zigthrough, in which snakes make their way to the exit; Playground, where balls bounce around a maze; Cover Up, where the object is to unstack towers to cover a game board; and Paint War, whose object is to keep the opponent from painting the town red. Each game takes only about two minutes to learn--but you won't be able to stop playing that soon. Finally, if you need help solving a Rubik's cube, just ask the Cube Master for help and you'll get detailed instructions.

Rubiks Games Classic Series Box QLHVDSYXJ

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